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Nobody Likes Series Bundle

Nobody Likes Series Bundle

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Teach children about opinions and open-mindedness with the Nobody Likes series bundle!

Laugh and learn with these humorous picture books that gently explore social-emotional concepts such as keeping an open mind, comparisons, accepting differences, and seeing your strengths. Filled with humor and funny nonfiction information, these books are perfect conversation starters for fun family read-alouds!

Nobody Likes Unicorns? What will happen when a llama tries to convince a group of kids why nobody likes unicorns? In this humorous and imaginative tale, even the most hesitant unicorn fans will see why, in fact, everybody loves them!

Nobody Likes Mermaids? A mermaid tale to inspire giggles in mermaid lovers everywhere! When a seahorse tries to convince a group of sea creatures why nobody likes mermaids, will it be the seahorse who learns something in the end? 

Nobody Likes the Easter Bunny? In this Easter book, a cheeky chick is determined to explain just how eggstremely disappointing the Easter Bunny really is. The Easter Bunny only comes around once a year, doesn’t make his own eggs, and always steals the spotlight. But along the way, this chick learns just how special the Easter Bunny truly is.

Negatives turn into positives in these stories that teach us to be accepting and open-minded, no matter how different we all may be. They are the perfect tool to start conversations about opinions, jealousy, comparisons, and finding personal strengths.

Each book in the Nobody Likes series also includes two pages of fun non-fiction facts at the end of the story!

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Customer Reviews

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Scott White
Great deal

Got this bundle for a great price and my kids loved the series. It’s full of fun characters and has a bunch of fun facts for everyone to enjoy. Would def recommend for all parents out there. These books have a great story and illustrations for the kids!

Emily S.
Silly and educational - love all three!

I got the first book (Nobody Likes Unicorns) then bought the bundle and gave our extra unicorn book to my daughter's class. The kids LOVE these books and there are so many teachable moments.