Inspired by the author’s long illness of her young daughter, this beautiful book’s loving words will remind readers that they are loved -and never alone - no matter the circumstances. In challenges big and small, through good and bad, I Am Here is a reminder of the power of unconditional love and support.

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When you’re angry and not your best,
You’re tired and need some rest,
When it’s so very hard to try,
And you only want to cry…

I am here.

Loving, lyrical words gently encourage readers to look for the good in even the most challenging situations.

We’ll find the laughter and the fun,
Our faces toward the sun.
I’ll be your steady ray of light,
To guide you through each night…

I am here.

An expression of love and reassurance that no matter the circumstance, I Am Here reminds children that they are not alone.

I Am Here is the perfect:

Expression of the permanence of love

Gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, baby showers, grandparents and more!

Story to help a child who is struggling or anxious

Letter from the Author

When my daughter was 14 years old, she got sick one day...and never got better. Watching her struggle with a long-term, debilitating, mysterious illness has been extremely difficult. And it forced me to face something that was hard for me to accept: I can't fix it. I've felt so helpless seeing her suffer through so much physical and emotional pain. Through this time in my life, I learned that sometimes the only thing you can do for the people you love is be present. So my mantra became "I am here." I wrote this book for my daughter, but it applies to situations well beyond illness and parent-child relationships. It is an expression of love and reassurance that no matter the circumstance, you are never alone. And I believe this is a message a lot of children would benefit from hearing.