Growing Young Minds

From fostering imagination to encouraging learning, our books nurture young readers. From humor, adventure, nonfiction, social emotional learning, mystery, activity books, life journals and so much more, our mission is to support positive parenting, create important teaching tools, and introduce children to the gift of reading.

  • School of Greatness: Medusa's First Day

    Medusa's excited for her first day of school, but when her teacher introduces her to the class, she doesn't exactly feel welcome. Will her classmates learn to be kind and accept her differences?

  • The Missing Mascot: Hercules' Story

    The School of Greatness mascot is missing! When Hercules volunteers to find him and return him to his cave, things don’t go exactly as planned. Will the headstrong Hercules learn a little something about teamwork along the way and successfully complete his task?

  • P.I. Butterfly: Gone Guppy

    A perfect day for learning about butterflies turns into a ghastly guppy mess when Mili, the fish, goes missing. It’s time for P.I. Butterfly to flutter into the scene and solve the mystery! This is the first in a humorous and action-packed early graphic novel series for young readers who love fun, adventure, and mystery!


To all the amazing teachers, parents, and all individuals who care about educating children – this is the place for you! We do our best to supplement our books with engaging activities and lesson plans that kids will enjoy while learning.