P.I. Butterfly Always Flutters to the Truth!


Fly away with P.I. Butterfly, a precocious, spunky investigator of mysteries. The early graphic novel series, featuring P.I. Butterfly and her faithful sidekick, Alfredo the cat (aka Furball), features page-turning action, clues that invite engagement, and laugh-out-loud humor that will entice even the most reluctant young readers! P.I. Butterfly is perfect for developing problem-solving skills, memory, and early reasoning abilities.


Upcoming Titles


P.I. Butterfly: Gone Guppy.
Welcome to the world of P.I. Butterfly. In her first adventure, our heroine sets out to crack the case of a missing family pet. Readers become detectives as they follow along with the book, which provides the opportunity for interactive storytelling. This outlandish whodunit will keep readers guessing and laughing … all the way to the surprise ending!




P.I. Butterfly: Birthday Bandit.
When items mysteriously go missing at a birthday party, it’s up to P.I. Butterfly to stop the Birthday Bandit before the party is completely ruined!