P.I. Butterfly Always Flutters to the Truth!

Fly away with P.I. Butterfly, a precocious, spunky investigator of mysteries. The early graphic novel series, featuring P.I. Butterfly and her faithful sidekick, Alfredo the cat (aka Furball), features page-turning action, clues that invite engagement, and laugh-out-loud humor that will entice even the most reluctant young readers! P.I. Butterfly is perfect for developing problem-solving skills, memory, and early reasoning abilities.

P.I. Butterfly: Gone Guppy

It’s Saturday, the best morning of the week when a scream interrupts the perfect day for learning about butterflies. Mili the guppy is… missing! But have no fear, P.I. Butterfly is on the case. She’ll stop at nothing to solve the mystery. P.I. Butterfly preserves the scene, records every clue, and interviews suspicious suspects, but she ends up on a trail to nowhere fast. As she drowns her sorrows in a glass of milk, a fishy finding leads to a new suspect and… a cat-felt confession.

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"Kids will laugh and learn as P.I. Butterfly solves the case!"

– Jim Benton, NYT bestselling author (Dear Dumb Diary, Franny K. Stein, Catwad)

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Fly away with P.I. Butterfly...

a precocious, spunky investigator of mysteries who always flutters to the truth! P.I. Butterfly’s outlandish whodunits will keep readers guessing and laughing … all the way to every surprise ending!

Gone Guppy, Case #1

Mili the guppy is… missing! But have no fear, P.I. Butterfly is on the case. She’ll stop at nothing to until she flutters to the truth!

"This is a delightful, cartoonish romp with zany digital illustrations that will have readers begging to know when the promised sequel will be released...Don’t let this book flutter by―read it!

– Kirkus

Become a P.I.-in-Training!

Analytical and critical thinking


Observation skills

Laughter and fun!

Birthday Bandit, Case #2

Can P.I. Butterfly save a birthday party part gone bad? From mysterious disappearances to a house full of suspects, P.I. Butterfly must stop the Birthday Bandit before her younger brother’s birthday is completely ruined!

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Disappearing Daisy, Case #3

It's the opening night of the school play but Daisy, the lead of the show, has disappeared! There's no way Daisy would ever miss her starring role. With a class full of suspects, and a mysterious feather trail, can P.I. Butterfly crack the case before showtime?

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